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Default Well, it's afternoon here in Cali, but good morning anyway!

Meg - thanx for the reminder about the tender shoulder area. I had a wake-up call on Thursday night when I started feeling a twinge right between my shoulder blade and spine upon moving my arm a certain way. Turned out it wasn't from lifting (since I took last week off and just did cardio) but from "mousing". Ergonomics came by and I'm feeling better already But still, it was definitely a bit of a warning for me!

So did all you Moms have a great day yesterday or what? This weekend was lovely around here - of course I spent a lot of time at the stables. However...starting late in the afternoon yesterday, we had a GIANT windstorm that lasted all night! We might have been blown into Oz, if we didn't have a good solid foundation on our place! Unfortunately...our next-door neighbors had a loose gate that kept bang-bang-banging and waking us up I even got up, got dressed and went out at 1:30 am to try and secure it but no dice - Jim's going to go check it out today after work. Bleaggh.

Both of our moms are some distance away, so we sent them flowers which were much appreciated by both parties. I NEVER send chocolates!

Greekgirl - on the recipes subforum - I'll ask Suzanne if she can implement that - my weekend was a lot busier than I thought it would be - we were supposed to get rain this weekend, but nary a drop our way...I would've been hard pressed to get Jim (Mr. Craigslist Junkie) off the computer at any rate!

We'll try and get it up-n-running by this week, then we can get all those recipes in there...

Robin - I have no travel plans for a looong time. I'd love to go to Yosemite for a weekend though...
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