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Cindy — please be VERY careful with your shoulder — and I’m saying this from sad experience. What you are describing sounds a lot like what happened to me. I partially tore a bicep tendon and it set me back for a long, long time. I ignored the warning signs — pain, like you have — because I wanted to keep lifting and be tough and push past the pain and all that. Finally, it ripped while I was doing close-grip bench press (which stresses that area — all benching with a bar does). I could actually hear it tear, as well as feel it — it was horrible. Thankfully, it didn't tear all the way through (or I would have needed surgery), but I couldn’t do any upper body at all for more than six weeks and had to go through weeks of physical therapy. Not to mention not being able to sleep at night for weeks due to the pain. Now, almost two years later, that side is still weaker than the other.

So PLEASE stop lifting and get it checked out now before you damage it any further. I know that Mel will agree with me that shoulders are very delicate and you have to be extremely careful not to injure them (I think she's the queen of shoulder injuries ).
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