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Good morning LWL!

Geez - I feel like I should be headed somewhere myself!

Robin - great realization about buffets - it's just that kind of thinking that will make us all successful in the long run - "all or nothing" thinking is just going to sabatoge us in those situations. Just do the best you can, fuel your body, and move on.

Tiki - good for you on having much less to confess - you're absolutely right - nothing like the prior ones! Glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

Safe travels to everyone who is headed somewhere. And hello to all who are not - seems like we've been a bit quiet lately, but I think it's the warmer weather pulling us all outside to play or work.

I've been having some issues with my left shoulder - I've mentioned it before, but last Monday's workout really overworked it. I had that burning feeling down the middle of my upper arm. A couple EMTs here at work said it sounded like the ligament could maybe be partially torn. I don't have any issues with range of motion, but now it aches after I do anything with that arm. I did today's workout with lower weights than usual, but it's still achy. Guess I'd better go have it looked at. Big fun...

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