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G'morning everyone!

Well, let's see ... Silverbirch is off to Suffolk. GreekGirl is off to France. And I'm off to ... Kokomo. Hmmm. Such is my lot in life. Had an uneventful weekend; first three commencements went swimmingly.

One element of IU commencements that I'd forgotten about is the buffets that are provided for the travelling organizers. Generally, I'm OK with buffets -- I can usually pick and choose my way through the minefield. However, yesterday I found myself engaged in a longstanding internal dialogue that I've not paid much attention to before. It goes something like this:

"Gosh, big buffet. Surely there are clean foods there." But then, as I draw near, I remember that I am in the state of Indiana, and as usual, the buffet includes a salad (not dressed, if I'm lucky) some kind of pasta; some kind of chicken or fish/rice/rich sauce combo; some kind of potato casserole; veggie casserole; and if I'm very very lucky, some kind of relatively plain meat.

"OK, I can have meat and salad. I'd like a carb; maybe I'll have a spoon of potatos. No, too greasy; maybe some of the pasta." etc etc etc. I can work myself into a lather with these internal debates. Result: even with some good possibilities, I don't always choose wisely.

So, I'm going to try a new strategy this week. I'm going to take a good look at everything on the table. And then I'm going to step back and take not my first helping, but a deep breath. And then another. And then, once steadied, I will take plate in hand and wade in.

I will fill much of the plate with salad. If there is fresh fruit, I will have some of that, as well. I will have meat. If the only option is in a casserole, I will still have it because I want that protein, and I will eat some of the rice it's bound to be sitting in.

Here's the key: I will have a meal. I will fill my plate once. I will eat it slowly. I will enjoy it. I won't sit there and stew over the 1/4 cup of rice and sauce I'm having or fret about the veggie/cheese casserole. I will simply enjoy it; I need that meal -- it will be several hours before I get anything else to eat. AND I WILL HAVE ONLY ONE PLATE. No seconds; not "just another little bite." No dessert.

I am not going to regain 50 pounds over such a meal, even if I have such a meal every day this week (and I probably will). I can eat clean at breakfast, and I can take along snacks. This is doable.

And it occurs to me that this might be a decent strategy for holidays/board meetings/celebrations/weddings/business lunches ... all those places where you wind up and there isn't much clean food in sight. We've got to eat. And too many times, if I don't eat, I wind up starving, and then I'm in big trouble. Or, I toe the line religiously for that one meal, and fall off the deep end later on. So, here's a vote for making the best choices possible, and sticking to one plateful. Enjoy it. Get full. And stop.

No seconds.

So, that's what I'm trying today.

I see there are awful storms up north, it looks like the east coast is going to get it, too. Stay well everyone.
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