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Morning Girls

It is a beautiful morning here in Pleaseant View. We have had a solar cover on our pool for 2 weeks and may even swim in it today. But the official opening will be Memorial Day weeekend. I'm excited!!

Sherry....Thanks so much for typing up my resume'. I should find out sometime in June if I got the promotion. Just thinking I may be leaving the middle school, has made it easier to close.

Ramona...My heart goes out to you!! Can't imagine how you feel with so much on you right now. Just know that we are here for you and love you. I wish there was something we could do to help you. {{HUGS}}

Carol...WTG on staying OP for 4 days!! I knew you could do it!! Watch out for the weekend trap though. The sugar monster hides everywhere!! LOL Good luck on your Monday weigh-in!!

Dee....Please be careful this weekend and don't over do it. I'm sure Dez would have understood if you changed the plans, but maybe getting out of the house will help your spirits. I'm sure the 3 hour ride will be hard for you though.

Gayle....Will you post the link again where we can look at your most recent paintings. Have you painted any barns or old house lately?

Shelley....I hope your daughter gets her money back. Is she going to the prom this year? My niece is going tonight, they grow up way to fast.

Vicki...Sorry about the problems with your sister. Wouldn't it be nice to choose our family like we do our friends. Cara is beautiful, I know you are so proud of her.

Wanda....WELCOME BACK!! Of course you can rejoin us!! Silly girl! I have thought about you everyday and wondered how you were. I have even tried emailing you but it would always come back. I am going to PM you later today. Love ya!!

Doni...Hope you had a Happy Anniversary!! Did you and hubby go out a celebrate?

Cheryl: WTG!! on your loss!!! You are doing great!!

Jennelle.....Are you busy closing school like me? I'm getting excited about the summer.

got to run now...hope I didn't miss anyone.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
My goal for today is to walk, drink water and stay OP!!


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