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Sherry--I have to agree with Gayle on your poll, although I did vote for my stomach. If money were no object, I'd have EVERYTHING done!!!

Dee--you are a beautiful woman! You look like I pictured you in my mind. I hope you're feeling better today. Have fun on you shopping trip with Dez. Sounds like she's a totally different person now than she was a year ago.

Shelley--your e-bay buying experience sucks! I'm always afraid something like that is going to happen to me. Of course, I'm cheap, and I've never spent that much money. I hope you're able to recover more that the $85.00 they're saying they can get for you!

Gayle--If Stewart and I aren't together next October can I still go cruising with y'all? I promise to behave

Vicki--Cara is just gorgeous!! I hope you can get things worked out with your sis. I missed the story, but I know how sibs can be!

Hey to Debbie, Titan Dee (hope you lurk every now and then), Jennelle, Carol, Tina, Wanda and Doni!

Oh, I've lost 4 pounds since dropping my caloric intake to 1600-1800/day.

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