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Wink 21 day challenge #2

For those of us who want to keep on doing this.......

Well here I am...bringing the 21 day challenge to where I'm usually post!! This was a thread that was posted in the Support Groups kind of got lost and many people stopped included. But I started it again then decided, that I would rather stay in my corner of the board and keep track here. This is pretty much for my own benefit...but if any of you would like to join me....that would be great.

Here is how it works. You choose something that you would like to work on and do it for 21 days. (to make it a habit) Such as drink 80oz. of water, walk a mile, or what ever else may come to mind. You do a count down. But if you miss a start over to day one. And you can start over many times, but if you're constantly starting over.....well then....I would say maybe you should find something else to work on for 21 days.

Simple you say.....believe me,,,,it's not as simple as it sounds...there have been times that I just had to start over.

Anyone want to join me??

"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
-Steve Prefontaine

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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