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Good Afternoon, Flowers!
The sun is shining but it is a cool 48 degrees in my corner of the world. I have bell choir practice tonight and we perform Sunday; we are then done until fall.

It was an interesting day at school today. "Bad dude #2" threatened to kill the BD teacher this morning. The police were notified and he is out of school until after Easter break and hopefully until the end of the year at least. He is just a jerk with lots of problems. His mother admitted, at the staffing yesterday, that she can't handle him and if they lived in Mexico he would be in a detention camp.

After quite a hassle, I finally have my presurgery physical appointment set up for next week. We had the hospital OR reserved and my general doctor was booked until May! He is going to be gone all next week and finally after numerous long distance phone calls between the foot doctor's nurse, me, and the local office, my doctor is going to come in one morning next week, just for me. I even offered to go to one of the other doctors and supposedly none of them could work me in either. I'm glad it wasn't a real emergency or I'd have been in a pickle!

Maggie -- I need to dream up something for supper. A burrito sounds good!

Hope you all have a relaxing evening. Happy April 1st tomorrow!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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