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Just peeking in one more time before I call it a night. We've had fog, mist, pouring rain, and ended the daylight hours in sunshine -- such weather! It does keep us guessing.

Gloria -- Nice to see you again today! We've had lots of wind lately too. At one time our area had the largest wind mill (250+) farm in the nation. The company went bankrupt and now whenever one of them quits working, they just let it stand. Rumor has it that another company is coming and will replace these with bigger and better machines. Anyhow, it is a rare day when the blades are not moving. I'm glad you got your flag pole back up -- I like to see the flag too.

Maggie -- Thanks for starting the new thread! I will try to remember to check with the WW leader about the calories in a point. Maybe elevation has something to do with it.

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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