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Default People treat me different confessions

Oh, please don't hate me for this, but since I've notice that people treat me different, I've been 'experimenting'. Here are my confessions:

* I sometimes make a conscious effort to walk into a room (or down street) like I own it just to see how people react.

* I have flirted with guys just to see if I can get them to buy me stuff. (Note: hubby knows about this and I make sure the guys know about hubby.)

* I have worn short skirts just to test the reaction factor.

* I have gone shopping at places where it's acceptable to barter just to see how much of a discount I can talk people into.

* I have walked up and started conversations with people I would have been terrified to talk to before to see if I'd be accepted.

* Ugh! This is the worst. I have caught myself watching someone who is obviously overweight, wearing dirty sweats, and appearing unkempt leaving a 7-11 with 2 huge slurpees and an armful of chips and candy and though to myself "That's why convenience stores should be outlawed"

Ewwwwwwwwww, I'm so ashamed of that last one! I'm really trying to own up to my thoughts and perceptions of other people. So please don't be angry at me. I'm hoping that by fessing up and trying to understand why I react to people the way I do, I'll stop being that way.

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