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KarenW: This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about in my earlier post about the social pecking order. And if I had to take a flying guess about your friend, I'd say she's ticked off because you have entered "her" weight loss "territory." Sometimes slim women will choose to be seen with a heavier friend because it makes them look even better by contrast.

All this stuff seems like a replay of high school, and indeed it is. People say that men are aggressive and competitive with each other, but women are, too. They just do it with a different style, and it can be quite passive-aggressive and covert. This is in direct contradiction to the social programming women get to be sweet and nice at all costs. So you end up with a social system that's operating on two totally different levels, with a lot of cattiness under the sugary surface.

Anyway, congratulations on your weight loss and don't let them stop you. One thing about this process, you get to find out what other people are REALLY like-- and that's well worth knowing. You find out quickly who the truly decent people are. Another little known benefit of the process, lol!
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