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OMG I cant believe I missed this topic!

YES Star they do treat you differently!! Here's my story...

Most of you know my kids are in a Catholic School. Well, being a SAHM, this kind of tuition can put a HUGE dent in our family budget. But to us it is worth going with out a few things so that our kids can be in a good school that teaches the same values we teach at home.

Well, needless to say, there are some VERY wealthy families at the school. Doctors, Managers from Microsoft and Boeing just to name a few. Many many who have their own aerospace companies too. I am extremely active at the school, involved with my kids classes and extra curricular activities. The prinicpal calls me regularly to do stuff with the website as well as other things.

So I am a very visible person at school. They all saw me gain the 20 pound in 2 months when I was on WW before I knew I was IR. I KNOW that some of them talked about me behind my back even before I added that 20 lbs and even more viciously once the weight came on. I even got some phone calls from some who told me "I" was spreading such and such rumor about someone else (Long long story about a very dear friend at school who also knows I was not the one and never even got involved with the whole situation)

Well Now they have seen my transformation. (I starting in August) Suddently I am invited to exclusive get togethers, called and asked for help with their computers and software, people are inviting my kids to parties that never invited them before. Very very strange feeling. I can say that I am not as self-concious as I was, especially as when I gained that 20 pounds. I know that I am feeling better about me and it shows as The faculty and staff at school keep telling me that I inspire them. Some are even doing Atkins now because of it. But the whole turn around from the "high-school" gang (My name for them because it feels that way sometimes) is very very strange. I am going to only one of the parties because it is a baby shower for a person who is a friend.

On the flip side though, one person who I thought was my friend and whose son is my son's best friend, has doen a complete 180. She stopped carpooling with us because it was "easier for her to go everyday" then just recently started carpooling with someone else. SHe stopped talking to me almost completely and didnt invite my son to her son's bday party (Like I said, best friends) Her husband is the doctor who did the surgery on My DD tonsils and adenoids and he is still great to us and will be DS's soccer coach again next year. But I am not sure what is up with her.. and she is very thin, active and weight conscious. IT is almost as if she was my friend because It was the right thing to do... and now that I am coming into my own weight wise and confidence wise, she cant be my friend anymore....

Very very strange......

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