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It is so true that people treat you differently but I learned this from thin to fat... I gained 129 pounds while pregnant!!!! No one made much of it. I was pregnant and that was an excuse. By the time my daughter was 6 months, people were coming to me and asking when I was going to stop being lazy and lose the weight. I was on a diet at the time (Weight Watchers) and not losing. It was horrible, I was miserable and so embarrassed. Colleagues who had trouble with me leaving the career track and pursuing the mommy track, were scornful and critical of my weight gain saying things like "when I get married and have a baby I will never let myself go". They would not name me but it was obvious during lunches who they were refering to. When my ex and I split up, I dated a guy who constantly told me "You have such a pretty face. When are you going to get the rest of you to match up?" After five years of being on low cal, high carb diets, I was ready to give up. Also, I never lost weight for ME before. It was always in response to other people's hurtful words. I am sure I will be treated differently when I lose half my person. I'll be going from a 252 lb woman to a 120 pound woman and people are going to treat me differently. I was very hurt and bitter before. Now I accept it as common. My friends have been my friends when I was thin, through the fat years and are happy for me because I want to lose weight for ME. And that is making all the difference. I accept that more men will find me attractive when I am thinner... that said, I won't blame them or get angry because I will find myself more attractive physically when I am thinner. But that's just my take on it.

I know for me, personally, I was more outgoing and comfortable in my own skin when I was thin. I was happier with who I was physically. And I think people can see that - they notice we are happier, more confident and more comfortable when we are reaching our goals be it for weight loss or anything else.
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