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Boy Star I am reading this and my eyebrows were scrunching together in utter disbelief and frustration.

People can be really unbelievable I guess. The only thing I can think of that would "make you a better person" is maybe that now you are happier with yourself and of course that would show in many ways but other than that....we are who we are. How would losing weight make us nicer or more popular? But as I write that I just realize that unfortunately that is how it goes in our society. The thin and pretty always win.
And what would giving your brother some money have anything to do with anything! You just did it and I'm sure you would have done it no matter what size you are
I bet the people would think you are stuck up is simply because they are mad that you achieved this and perhaps they can't change something about themselves that they need to. Does that make sense?

As for one is treating me differently yet. I wish. You know I was actually going to go and talk to my plastic surgeon about the possibility of lyposuction to help things along......but then I found out the price and the recoop time then thought....."I can do this, I know I can....I have to". Why did I suddenly get obsessed about how I look? Because I want what everyone else has....who everyone is is beyond me. But you know how we think sometims.

I am a person that HATES it when people don't like really bothers me. But it also bothers me more that I don't always like that is what I am after, learning to like myself, and when it happens if someone is small enough to not like me for some petty reason then so be it. :finger sticking up:

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