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Gotta agree with Steph on this one. You may lose more weight working out on an empty stomach, but it may not be fat. You will eventually lose the fat that way too, but your overall bf% will be higher and lean mass lower if you are burning off lean tissue. That being said, I have often done short high intensity interval cardio before eating with no loss of lean tissue mass. Short is the key- 20-30 minutes. The few times I've tried to do weight workouts, I can't lift for more than about 10 minutes, get dizzy, klutzy and dangerous. Also cannot lift nearly the weights that I can in a "fueled" state. Since I lift to build and maintain muscle (which looks better than and helps burn fat) this is important to me.

If you are not low carbing, your liver stores enough glycogen for about a 45-60 minute workout under any conditions. After that is depleted, your body uses lean tissue (catabolic pathway) before it uses fat (lipogenesis) as a fuel source. That is why body builders try to keep their workouts to an hour or less, and why marathon runners look like beef jerky.

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