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Apart from the reasons already stated - feeling dizzy or faint - there is one other major physiological reaosn and that is that working in a carb depleted state means that your body is forced to work on it secondary fuel source - lean tissue!

This quite literally means that you are using your muscles as food! This is not only unhealthy it is inefficient and actually slows down your possible weight loss and increase in fitness levels.

This is the reason why I advise my clients to have something to eat before they exercise. A glass of watered down orange juice, a full fruit smoothie, a banana, anything that gives your body a handful of carbs to work on.

I am sorry to disagree with vmelo but the 100 or so kcals burned need to be fat not lean tissue so the 100 kcals consumed ensure the correct, efficient and beneficial burning of the right body fuel!
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