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Hi again!

DH made a delicious tomato based soup w/ turnips, daikon, cauliflower, carrots, onions ( notice a theme of all white vegs?) and then at the last second, threw a handful of shrimp in for each one of us. He threw crushed hot pepper on his, I did not.

Wildfire- glad your management folks took care of you ... sometimes I miss not being able to call management everytime something needs fixing....
And good for you regarding the job notice...Can't believe they are actually tried to talk you into doing more than your job b/4 you left by covering for them while they took vacation... and don't you love it... "Yeah, we knew you were unhappy... in fact, we were wondering how long it would be before you left.... but we had didnt try to do anything to at least keep you here in our employ... we'd rather let the good employees leave completely "

Empress-- thanks for all the info...Scale can be a real test of mental attitude... don't forget to eat enough to compensate for your workouts...

Been meaning to address someone who said something about wishing I was a next door neighbor as I seemed to know how to solve all problems... Thanks for the compliment but isnt it interesting how we appear to others yet have our own laundry list with which we struggle ?

Punkin- There you go... new valances! Now you're in project mode! Wonder what you're up to right as we speak! New paint? Rearrange the furniture?

Hot bread coming out of the oven in 3 minutes. Going to get in line so I can be first ahead the dogs.
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