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Just a quick check in. After breakfast we're going second-hand car shopping. Since DH's car was totalled and I'm starting the new job, we are going to need another car. I hate big purchases like this. There's always the "what if it's a lemon?" stress.

I gave notice on Tuesday afternoon, after I signed the offer of employment at lunchtime. I didn't see any point in waiting! Actually, it was taken very well. My boss said he knew I would only stay in that position until something came along in Accounting, so it wasn't a huge surprise for him. I am getting the guilt trip, though, about how they have vacation time to use up from last year and have to use it before March 31 or they lose it, and now if I leave there's no way they can. Yeah, cry me a river. They should have taken it long ago instead of waiting until the last minute.

Weigh in on Wednesday night had me down 3.2lbs. I know it's the exercise that is helping!

I have a shiny new bathroom floor after the toilet explosion, and they brought me a new stove, too! My old stove had to be at least 30 years old. This new one is lovely...bright white, was used for about six months in another unit which is now unoccupied. Poor thing was horribly abused....I don't think that woman ever wiped it off! I spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning it, even had to scrub the burners with a nylon pad to get the greasy dusty crap off them...but it looks like new again. I told the maintenance guys to just hook it up and leave the cleaning to me. It just amazes me how people don't appreciate things. To be given a brand new stove out of the box and not take care of it....shame on her!

Eydie, you do Pilates, don't you? I want to buy a DVD, but not sure which one to get. Dummies? Windsor? Any suggestions?

Kaylets, congrats on the smaller jeans!!

Punkin, hope you are feeling better now. Isn't it great what a little change like valances can do for a room? Not to mention they inspire you to do even more!

Cerise, you're bellydancing? Way to go, girl! It's something I've thought about trying...maybe I will soon.

wsw, how did the dinner go? I hope it won't be too long until you're settled in and have the computer hooked up to tell us all about the move.

Hello to all...DH has just arrived with coffee , and then we're off for the day...
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