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Hello all!

Storm has passed, might even be a good day to dry clothes outside...
Guess I'd have to wash them first!
Maybe a quilt or two....

Scale finally moving back downwards... interesting time of life when your body feels most of the TOM symptons ( bloat, cravings) but no real TOM...
This sure isnt what I expected.... I thought when it was over, that included all the side effects too!!

One more day to WI-- naked one in the am in my own bathroom, the dressed one in the pm at the WW's meeting... Am thinking I'll wear the thinnest workout pants I own to help nudge those numbers...( wore dockers last week and you know how heavy those are! )

Did I mention that there were men as well as children at our meeting?? In fact, children so young, a DR's note was required.... very telling... Think the meetings will open my eyes in more ways than one....

So... here's an interesting thought... are we really as tall as we think we are?
If we had a skewed impression of our weight why not our height too?? I'm not talking about being 6 ft tall and thinking I'm only 5 ft... I'm thinking maybe an inch or two difference... I also called myself 5'3" yet have found that some other ladies feel they are that hgt as well.... and they are sure I am taller than them... so, perhaps goal is closer than I realize?? Perhaps I've been trying for a truly unrealistic goal my entire life???


Thought of the day :

"Remember that an army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep."
--Life's Little Instruction Book

Question of the day :

"Which makes you feel better, preparing food or having it prepared for you?"


I'll check back shortly... need to set the timer a few times... Its amazing how many things are out of place...
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