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September was an extremely stressful month. First of all, my parents decided to sell the house. I've been staying with them the past few years (paying rent & splitting the bills - not mooching) and they've decided that we live too far from town. My parents each drive an hour one-way to work every day. Whenever we need to do grocery shopping or run errands, it's at least an hour each way. It's horrible. Another reason they want to sell is a better layout - the current house is great but we would love to find a house that gives me my own separate living area and a home office since I work from home. We spent the first three weeks of September getting the house ready to sell - decluttering, cleaning, repairing things like broken tile & chipped paint and painting just about every room. Outside we did a ton of landscaping. It was exhausting. Since we listed the house last week, we have had a showing every evening - which means eating fast food every night. I really have no idea how many calories I've been eating and my exercise consists of vacuuming & cleaning. I hope we get an offer soon. I'll be so happy when all this is over. I can't wait to live closer to town. I'm planning on getting a gym membership since I'll finally be close to one.

Since selling the house is so stressful and I'm not even focused on my diet right now, I'm going to make a small goal this month of just under 4 lbs (hoping for more though).

SW: 198.6 lbs
GW: 195.0 lbs (-3.6)


1. 198.6 lbs

Total Weekly Weight Loss: -1.4 lbs
Total October Weight Loss: -1.4 lbs

2. 197.2 lbs (-1.4)
3. 197.2 lbs (0) - This is pretty good since we had 2 showings last night and ended up eating supper at Taco John's. Potato Ole's are delicious but oh so bad for my diet.
4. 197.2 lbs (0)
5. 197.2 lbs (0)
6. DNW
7. DNW
8. DNW - My mom bought a bunch of Halloween candy because it was on sale and I've spent the last 3 days binging on it (Kit Kats, Recess & Twix, oh my!). Not good at all. I feel sick and I've been too scared to step on the scale. I'm getting back on track tomorrow - going to plan tomorrow's menu tonight and in the morning, I'm going to open my new Fitbit (was saving it to be a reward for getting to 186 but I need some motivation and help getting back on track). Not looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow but hopeful that I can quickly re-lose any gain.

Total Weekly Weight Loss: 0 lbs
Total October Weight Loss: -1.4 lbs

9. 197.2 lbs (0) - Wow! I'm super happy that I didn't gain anything. Now it's time to get back on track and lose, lose, lose.
10. 197.2 lbs (0)
11. 197.2 lbs (0)
12. 196.0 lbs (-1.2) - Woohoo!! I was beginning to think that my scale was broken.
13. 196.0 lbs (0)
14. 196.0 lbs (0)
15. 197.4 lbs (+1.4)

Total Weekly Weight Loss: +0.2 lbs
Total October Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs

16. 197.4 lbs (0)(TOM)
17. 196.4 lbs (-1.0)(TOM)
18. 196.4 lbs (0)
19. 196.4 lbs (0)
20. DNW
21. DNW
22. DNW

Total Weekly Weight Loss: -0.8 - At least I lost something this week. I'm surprised I didn't gain with all the crap I've been eating (I'm addicted to corn candy - no wonder I can never lose in the fall/winter months).
Total October Weight Loss: -2.0 lbs

23. 196.6 lbs (+0.2) - This was better than I thought. I really pigged out this weekend.
24. DNW
25. DNW
26. DNW
27. DNW
28. DNW
29. DNW

Total Weekly Weight Loss: +3.4 lbs
Total October Weight Loss: +2.4 lbs

30. DNW - Had surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth.
31. 200.0 lbs - I weighed-in in the middle of the day after I drank & ate a lot (have to eat every time I take my pain meds). My face is still swollen so there might be some water-weight as well.

October 1: 198.6 lbs
November 6 (didn't weigh-in Nov 1-5): 196.0 lbs

Total October Weight Loss: -2.6 lbs - I'll take it!! I gained a lot the last week of October due to having wisdom teeth removed but, luckily, most of it was water weight which came right off as soon as I went back to eating normally.

*Weeks are changed to reflect my official weigh in day which is Monday.

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Mini Goal #1: 205.2 lbs - Reached Goal: 07/31/2017
Mini Goal #2: 186.8 lbs
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Ultimate Goal: 150.0 lbs

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