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How delightful to know we are not the first to recognize the royal qualities of Queen Terri. I'm feeling about to fall asleep at my desk about now too. Weird day of paperwork where almost everythign I touched was wrong, needed a phone call, caused a search for something else. Took my walk to put me back in good frame of mind, sort of.

Did search out, scan, send five pics of sis as a youngster to friend who's doing something electronically artistic with them. Had given Sis most of the shots I had of her as a youngster (which of course DBIL can't find without asking her where they are). Managed to scrounge up some today. I think she'll like that and will recognize my hand in it all. Our ruse gets more elaborate every day - fun!

Empress, thy gym work overwhelms me! Glad you only have one article this weekend so you can get out and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Well, off I go for another cuppa before I do clunk down on the keyboard.

Ooops - almost forgot. Had another pretty good food day. Also reweighed this morning in case yesterday was an aberration. Nope. Still at 207.8, not sure if it was at that exact number when I last weighed, right after Christmas and before trip but it was 207 something so not quibbling for point anything. Fresh Start, Fresh Start, Fresh Start!
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