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Yo! Greetings HRH Princess Terri, The Grand Dutchess of the Imperial Duchy of Lavendar, Countess of Fizzington, Viscountess Bopp and Imperial Potions Mistress! Hope thou gotteth thy desk nap in!!! Tatting (with shuttles, not needles) is also quite good for keeping Food at bay ... one really can't tat and eat at the same time, whereas one can always put other forms of needlework down and reach for food. Even woodcarving, which I like to do, lends itself to eating ... one just puts the chisels down and munches whilst admiring one's talented creation. But shuttle tatting has to be kind of set up on the hands, so one doesn't like to put it down once one's clicking away.

I'm worn out from all morning in gym ... will post details on exercise thread!!!!!

Kaylets, thanks for posting the piece from the WW board ... that's so true about the internal scars!

QOD: My favorite Olympic event is skiing, but I like them all, summer and winter. Never tire of watching!

To all, I mistakenly started this on a quick reply screen and can't see anymore posts, so please consider that I'm responding to everyone ... I'm just zonked ... only have one story to do this weekend so will be having some fun and/or resting ... later ...
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