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Good morning,

Just back from the gym and I've had my snack, a smoothie with Premier protein drink a couple of table spoons of PB2 and ice whipped up in the blender. Next it's time to get cleaned up before dh and the pup get home in an hour. I have a hair appointment this afternoon and I consider that kind of a treat even though it's a routine treat. Heck I don't even go as often as the dog though. We don't really have any plans for the weekend except to go to our own house, give the dog a bath and swim in our pool. It's still a quiet time of the year here because it's still hot. What do the rest of you have planned?

GardenerJoy I was having a difficult time keeping myself from snacking yesterday too. I finally decided to have a little air popped popcorn which was okay. I do feel like some of mine is just from being home too much.

Bill That sounds like a really nice walk with all those stops. I haven't done that in a long time. I have some stores that are nearby, but they aren't open at the time I walk.

Silverbirch Happy Birthday! I don't know if I could go without a sweet on my birthday although I probably have. Enjoy your day!

Maryann I do hope you get some downtime this weekend. I bet the concert will be really fun.

Nationalparker It just freaks me out to think of those floating fire ant colonies. OMG things are so bad there and then to have that. I hope they don't get anybody. I about freak out when I see them on the sidewalk these days. Have a good time with your friends today. I love those kind of surprises. Our nephew contacted us yesterday about coming down for the ASU/UW football game in October. Turns out his girlfriend (who we have not met) is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. We could be seeing him even more. As soon as we get moved back in to our own house it will be time to gear up for the months of company. That makes 3 sets that I know of so far. Good thing I have a lot of down time. My friend who we are renting the condo from redid her cabinets. They are kind of antiqued and look great.

Well I had better get moving, now I have 50 minutes. Have a good weekend everybody!
Arizona Karen
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