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Eydie- Yes, the shoes still are problematic for me too but this winter was so cold I was at least wearing clogs ( although technically, clogs are not lace up shoes)....
Also took me awhile to realize that the Flylady's "schedules" are to be adapted as best fits...or tweaked completely to fit if need be....
That in itself was very freeing.
I try to keep the sink empty but Dh and Ds don't get it.
I do swish both toiliets every am as the dogs often use them as water fountains. I have seen DH swishing too so somedays they are getting swished twice a day!
And I always try to find a way to get part of the next day's lunches packed, clothes laid out, shower taken....etc... just makes my morning better if I don't have a long list of things to do to get out the door.

She is right though... there is nothing I have gotten rid of that I have missed.
I have come to agree entirely with her opinion about only keeping clothes you wear and only wearing clothes you love and flatter you.
I've also started doing laundry as it accumulates rather than only on the weekend... its just easier for me that way.
The biggest thing I've learned from her is that we can get so much more done in 15 minutes than we realize...

Although it is very hard for me to post in less than 15 minutes! But I do go on and on!

With all that said, let me go empty the sink!
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