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Kaylets, you have me inspired to do a 27 fling tonight. I love Fly Lady--and the clean sink every night is sheer genius! I'm even warming up to the shoe idea.

Anagram, all those long walks on the beach paid off! I saw my first lizard of the season today!

Punkin, yep, get those videos out and commence to swiveling!

I'm so happy for you, Cerise! We all deserve to feel like beautiful powerful goddesses and bellydancing is one way to make that happen! Have you seen the cane and sword dances yet?

Amarantha, going to check out the poetry/quote thread next. I'm excited!

I've been doing a video by 'The Firm' a few days this week. It's something new for me and it's really quite strenuous, but it makes me want to do more. The paradox of exercise---I love it!