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Yo, I be in brevity mode as need to nap a bit before heading to late meeting in mountains!!!

Cerise, thanks for starting the poetry club ... that was a nice surprise today and I've availed meself of it and posted my favorite poem ... thinking also that we can post or discuss any kind of quote or literature there ... or write some poems of our own, if that be our wont ...

Re the protein powder, I just really like the brand I'm always talking about, it's low in sugar but sweet, and I just throw some into the baking to add nutrition and act as a sweetener/oil/egg/milk substitute. There are a lot of good brands but it's best not be sure you have a good quality protein source (different kinds of protein are better absorbed than others ... you can find info online or from thy SIL on this) and that it doesn't have a lot of sugar calories in it. Some of the powders have no flavor at all and can just be used to make a recipe more nutritious (or to make smoothies, etc.). Since thou be veg, I believe, you can find several good kinds that use soy.

Kaylets, I think blueberries would be really good with cottage cheese in muffins ... and I'd say the protein powder be more for nutrition ... I use the DW vanilla praline because it's IMO a good quality and it does add a bit of flavor ... I never use extracts anymore ... just don't like the aspect they impart to the food ... just a taste thing for me.

Punkin, so glad to see thou and yea, that was my thought about a "poetry" thread ... just a place to put quotes of any kind to whilst away any idle time we may have that would lead to fingers searching for Food ... or to make up poems or stories or what not ...

Eydie, really, I'm sorry that I sounded so cranky and whiney ... yea, I'm back in the kitchen posting away. I won't be able to get back on tonight, likely, but will post my menu tomorrow. I'm on the straight and narrow foodwise because I'd REALLY like not to have a gain this week but five weeks in a row is pushing it ...

To all, mentioned and unmentioned, avanti!! Gotta get some rest ... [/color]
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