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On the belly dancing theme, I can still do a mean hip drop and a swivel or two. Can't ripple the tummy any more though. Maybe that's a goal.

On the 15 minute timers - for my DDs BD in Dec, I used Flylady as the theme for her gifts. Got her the book, an apple shaped timer and several wicker baskets and little hideaway boxes, etc. since she's always saying she must get better organized. A lot of the Flylady things she already did (since I used a lot of them when she lived here) BF (Before Flylady) but she has been picking up on some things she didn't do and claims to be making progress. Or feeling better about it which is goal enough. So thanks and kudos to the Queens who inspired that gift.

One load of laundry to go, some swifferdusting upstairs (dh is vacuuming now), grocery store and then we'll be passable. Piles of paperwork, phone calls but I didn't gain weight while I was away and am feeling invincible. DH's going to a dinner tonight so I think I'll have a special treat of some frozen diet dinner or another.

BIL brought my plants back this a.m. and we conspired a bit more on surprise party he's planning for DSis BD next week. I'm getting to be such a constructive liar I scare me. She'll be thrilled though.

Hi, westcoasters. Nice to hear from you. Will take care, Punkin, if you do same. I'm back to me now, I think. Feeling lots better at least today. Grab my hand and I'll tug like crazy. Picturing the sensual Cerise........Wow!

OK, that's about my 15 minutes here. Off for tea. Bye.
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