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Angry Trying not to hate Ramon, who has today off.

Good day, m'ladies.

Ugh. Hate mornings. Hoping to snap out of it soon, since it's already 9:15 and the caffeine should've kicked in by now.

I did the first half-hour of the basic moves DVD last night, Eydie. I was trying really hard to roll my hips and wave my arms in the same direction...let's just say I'm glad there were no mirrors around. My ego would've never recovered from that blow. I was on the floor trying to do the Cleopatra-sit thingy then that stretch where you lift yourself off the floor to stretch your sides, and started thinking that my ol' body can't do much of anything at all. Sigh. I told myself that this is my first time trying to bellydance, etc., etc. It helped a bit. I do love to watch those ladies do their demonstration dances, though. Ramon liked to watch them, too. All in all, despite my stiff, clumsy efforts (and hip pain - good old arthritis), I had a good time and look forward to getting good at this. I'm already more conscious of my hips moving when I walk and my stiff hip is definitely less stiff today. Thank you, dear!

I'm glad you're taking another day off, Kaylets. What's a 27-fling thingy? Anyway, you must be feeling better if you can do yard work. I have some of those "overblouses" too. It's a nice style option. I like to wear mostly black at work - black pants, black shell, with a colored overblouse and cool jewelry. I have this delicious bright orange, linen, long-sleeved blouse by Elizabeth Arden that Ramon found for me at a Goodwill! The perfect man...

Anagram, I'm SO glad for your NSV!! No nasty surprises, then. I'm having fun picturing you filtering through your chaos, and am indeed certain that order will begin to show through. I'm now convinced that Kaylets' 15-minute task method is just the thing for me. Tonight I'm stopping by "Sur la Table" (a posh kitchen store right by the Pike's Place Market) and getting myself a kitchen timer! I'm glad you're going to see your princesses this weekend.

Amarantha, I think a poetry thread might be just the thing. Ramon just gave me (for V-Day. What a guy) a books of poems by Pablo Neruda, called "Odes to Ordinary Things". He writes a poem to a spoon, a table, cats, dogs. Wonderful stuff. I'd love to share it.

Seriously, now, can you talk for a bit about your protein powder? I'd like to hear from you why you bake with it before I go to GNC and get inundated with sales talk...want to be prepared. I mean, what truly does it do for you? I'm asking because I've never even contemplated buying it but desperately want to try all those recipes you've posted. And I think it'd be good for me, as a vegetarian, I mean.

Hello, beloved Wildfire. How's your toilet doing?

(Eydie, one more thing about that damned bellydancing DVD before I drive these women crazy. I did go to our full-length mirror and tried a few moves just to see if I was even remotely close to doing it right. I saw my familiar bulky body - complete with pants rolled down to my hips and shirt tied up under my breasts, not a pretty sight, but necessary, I feel - moving with real, real grace. There it was. Undeniably sensual. Wow.)

Happy Birthday again, WSW!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I was telling Ramon about your struggles with moving and we were reflecting on how truly difficult it is. You have two places, both in total chaos, and neither one is your home. One because you're leaving it, tearing everything down, and the other because your "stuff" isn't in it yet, set up the way you like. It's a very unsettling time. The worst thing, too, is that you look at the chaos and it occurs to you that you are absolutely, positively the only person who can make it all right again. Not fun. Though - you get through it and make another home for yourself, and it's definitely going to be a better environment for you, right? Just have to survive the move! I still stand by my opinion that you should do what you want for your birthday, love.

By the way, do you like Emily Dickinson at all? I was leafing through a book of hers at the store yesterday and thought of you...

Kaylets, of course you can use anything you find in my posts for whatever. I especially love to spread e.e. cummings around as much as possible. I'm trying to get up the nerve to read some Sylvia Plath. Thanks for the index card idea. I like the idea of a points-counting bracelet, too.

Love to the rest of you, dears. I have to get off and email some love advice to my friend in Cambodia. Ain't the internet grand?
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