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Is it Friday yet?
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Default Happy Friday-eve!

Mornin' all,

I may be sporatic in my postings again as we're having some problems with the new ISP that we just changed over to. It shouldn't be anything TOO major though...

WSW, happy belated birthday!!!!
I'm sure you're beat! Too bad the well meaning helpers can't wait juuuuust a tad until you're moved and better rested to truly celebrate.... enjoy and then get some rest you!

Anagram, oh, do I know about that whole "plunging on" syndrome. Take good care of you ok? Glad the GS cookies survived the deep freeze. I'm torn... I want some, but don't think they'd ever see the freezer. Probably shouldn't buy them then....

Amarantha, I'd love a poetry page! Can we include quotes too? I kinda' collect the ones that really speak to me...

Kaylets, glad you're feeling more human - very sorry you too are cursed with the evil waggle arms! What IS it with that flappin' stuff? I'm looking forward to going sleeveless someday... flappin be damned!

Cerise, I see Eydie got you belly dancing too huh? I haven't used mine since last year. I got them a few weeks before my mom was diagnosed and haven't touched them since... I think it's time to dust 'em off and get ta' shaken' a little boo-tay!

Eydie (that's me belly dancing, thanks to you!)

Toodles for now,

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