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Ok- Managed to get one 27 fling out to the trash but as I was 1/2 way thru the 2nd, heard the truck pull up... although there is no reason I can't continue... but the "how much can I get out there b/4 they get here?" motivation is gone...

Am seeing that I have more to yardsale, Ebay, etc than to throw anyway....
(Well, if you don't count the endless pw ....that seems to come in double what you dispose )
So, the next "fling" will be sorted into Ebay box, yard sale box....Might even get super motivated and take Ebay photos--

--Ventured out for a Baby Shower Card yesterday and found a some blouses I will now wear as "overblouses" with a contrasting shell underneath... both blouses are really a tad too tight to button and wear alone which is fine as its more motivaiton and then they will still be wearable when they do fit better....When I was trying on the shells, ( which are cut differently with a tiny bit of cleavage showing) I was pleasantly suprised at how good I looked in a sleeveless top... As long as I didnt move my arms enough to make them waggle back at me!!

Perhaps the Empress has found a good upper underarm firming excercise??

Time to start some laundry and looks like Maury Povich is doing weightloss success stories...
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