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Had a pretty good day op yesterday. Faced Demon Scale early today and got a pleasant surprise. Two months of eating out did little damage. I didn't lose any but am about where I was (can't remember exact numbers). While I had not weighed for two months, I had felt like I gained. So I am joyful this a.m. about a significant NSV - of course I expected to come back a lot less than I left. What a dreamer!

I've been doing the fifteen minute thing since I got home - going in whatever direction popped up and figuring someday chaos would lead to order. It's starting to. Then I'm going to start Spring Flinging. Treasures of some kids who've had their own homes for twelve years are on the endangered species list as well as a lot of things that don't fit my new "normal" life.

Wake up, Monarch Butterflies - rain showers here today for the spring flowers. Have daffodils, tulips, etc. up a few inches and I can't wait.
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