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Thanks, Allison!!

I posted a long message yesterday-- or tried to-- and my computer crashed. It took a long while to get it up and running again so I was gun shy to post again.

Alice-- I think I would do the same as you. You are strong and you will get through the chemo. How long/ how many treatments will you have? My only advice after seeing my mom go through chemo, is try to put some weight on before you start. My mom was thin before chemo and was just skin and bones through it and after. I'm sure each person is different but I would think you could have a few reserves stored up.

We will see how my birthday day goes. Still have the remnants of a cold and the rains are returning here....
I stopped at Starbucks and bought myself a treat for my snack later and two of my work friends are taking me to dinner tonight. Dh returns tomorrow but I'm not sure how much company he will be... He was in Japan and then went to Singapore a couple days ago. He's exhausted and his knee isn't thrilled with the traveling... He will only be home a few days before he leaves again, so I suspect much of that will be spent jet lagged.

2018 workout goals:

150 Bikram yoga classes

400 workouts minimum

So far:

16 bikram yoga classes
100 workouts total
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