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Talking NIRVANA--chocolate soymilk discovery!

Last week, I got VERY ambitious and made a Mole sauce, in which I simmered a chicken-flavored batch of Seitan. I followed Emeril's directions in making the Mole, including the part where he said to add a bit of crushed Mexican chocolate to the sauce just before serving.

(to the uninformed: a Mole sauce is a spicy "gravy" made from dried chiles, broth, thickened with tortillas, and often seasoned with cinnamon and cocoa/chocolate. The final product does NOT taste of cinnamon or chocolate: these flavors simply add a depth to the end result)

Okay, the Mole with "fake chicken" turned out divine, the Seitan had the texture and taste of primo boneless, skinless chicken breast meat. I'm left with the rest of the package of Mexican chocolate. A little taste tells me this is GOOD STUFF. So, this morning, I haul out my soymilk machine, load it up with soaked beans, and crank out a fresh batch of milk. This gets dumped into the blender with a "cake" of Mexican chocolate.


I'm going to be buying soybeans by the fifty-pound bag, I predict. Tomorrow, my Dad is coming over, and I'm making a fresh batch just for him.

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