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Allison, I hope your DH is okay! The fall sounded nasty! Hang in there with the weight loss!

Dagmar, hope you are heading home from the pet sit by now. Our seven cats, 2 dogs, uncounted chickens and 25 sheep are a constant pet sit experience, especially when my DH is gone playing golf for a few days. It is amazing how the cats know there is one schedule when DH is home and another when I'm in charge. He lets them in and out a lot more often. I put them out in the morning and don't let them back in until after 5 pm. You can see it in their expressions - "oh it's HER. There's no point asking to go in." I am training one cat to sit up. He's pretty good at it now. I'll have to post a photo

I got my seedling greens planted but the arugula will have to come up from seed. I'm slowly working up to a decent exercise routine. Right now I'm doing assisted pushups instead of real ones, and still sticking with low weights for arm exercises. And, here's important news (at least for me) - I've decided to have chemo after my radiation. Anyone who wants all the specifics for my decision just PM. But basically after more research, I don't trust the 7% recurrence rate I was given. I don't think the characteristics of my tumor fits the calculation tool well enough. If I get a distant recurrence even after chemo, it is what it is. But if I didn't do the chemo I'd kick myself and have huge regrets for the rest of my life. My radiation onc says he does not think I'm crazy and if it was his wife, he'd want her to have the chemo.
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