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Good morning!

Saturday's birthday party for MIL was a success and although I thought I had prepared way too much food, almost all of it was eaten! I have some leftover potato salad (a Mediterranean potato salad, so much healthier) and a few stuffed peppers. Everything else is gone! That much is good. The bad is what happened later that night. Apparently, DH got up to use the restroom around midnight and he thinks he tripped on the bath mat. Bogey and I woke to a loud noise which I assumed was some cat activity in the living room. Then another louder noise really got our attention and that was when I realized DH was not in bed. I went to look for him and found him on the floor in the bathroom--covered in blood. At that point, he was a bit delirious (he thinks he was in shock). He kept saying he was fine but wouldn't let me put ice on his forehead. Anyway, he's fine but has quite the mess on his face. Two or three marks on the left side of his face which we can only ascertain coming from the shower door hinge that he must have fallen against.

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