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I've tried "portion control" and counting my food "points" and was ALWAYS hungry (and of course didn't lose a whole heck of a lot of weight). So on Atkins I get to eat and be FULL. Not stuffed (even though sometimes I'm still working on that one). I've lost weight and feel better than I've ever felt. When I was in my late teens I lost weight--but I hardly ate anything all day. People think THAT is healthy?

I was told "just because cholestrol count goes down doesn't mean it's going to stay down." But tell me--is it safe to be heavy and run into diabetes and high cholestrol or be thin and just have to worry about high cholestrol? I think I'd rather be healthy/thinner and worry about my cholestrol than be heavy and worry about who knows how many other ailments that were starting to head my way.

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