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For me, Atkins has taken me off the emotional binge rollercoaster caused by unstable blood sugar. While I would like to lose more weight, I value the freedom from cravings I have found on atkins.

In a typical day, I eat 2 eggs for breakfast with sugar-free ketchup and somtimes a cooked veggie like mushrooms. For lunch I have 2-3 cups of salad--including dark green veggies, 4 oz of grilled chicken, cucumbers, mushrooms, a little tomato, and about 1/4 avocado. For dressings I use cold pressed olive oil or some nice blue cheese dressing. For snacks I like jicama, celery, cream cheese, or some nuts. Dinner is usually meat-centered with a cup of lightly steamed broccoli, asparagus, etc. I do not eat the bars, shakes, and other non-sense people have come to believe are a significant part of Atkins.

Being a vegetarian for 18 years made me fat, low-energy, and ALWAYS HUNGRY. Being a vegan for a year set up a nasty cycle of cravings that turned into bingeing and purging. For the years after that, eating a "standard american diet" of grains, carb-crap, and junk steadily put on 10 pounds a month--regardless of how much I counted those stinking WW points. Every night on WW I went to bed after downing Diet Cokes and my way too small WW dessert feeling like I was deprived.

Just the freedom of feeling like I can eat this way for the rest of my life on atkins is the greatest gift. I'm never hungry--I have tons of energy. No one can tell me this is unhealthy-especially media who have not taken the time to look into the details of the way of eating.
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