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So here it is, 4:30am and I've been up for an hour already. (That's a total of 4 hours sleep.) My darling cat decided he wanted out of the bedroom and his way of communicating is by biting one's elbow, eyelashes, and ears. I let him out, which wakes me up enough to realize that DH is breathing like a freight train and I can't get back to sleep. Choices: 1. Smother DH 2. Send DH to couch 3. Move to couch myself. Prefer smothering, but that could really mess up a Monday morning. So I get up, discover DD alseep on couch. Sigh. Make her move to her bedroom, tell DH to move to couch. No, he'll be quiet, honestly. *snore* So with pillow in hand....I convince myself NOT to put it over his face and apply pressure...and I head for the couch. Of course all three cats do the Dance of Joy because Mom is awake! Time to play, wrestle, chase, scratch, etc. I give up.

This does not bode well for Monday.
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