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Yo! Congrats, Wildfire, on the good news on the job front ... I KNOW you will get it ... Elberta (who doubleth as a seer) be peering into the crystal ball at this very moment and muttering something about 'Wildfire gets the job, Wildfire gets the job!' Elberta be never wrong, so there you are!!!!

I know I speak for my royal co-chair on the Vernal Equinox Exercise Challenge steering committee that we WILL get that challenge going and are thankful for thy commitment to post every day. I likewise will post every day and in fact the challenge will overlap somewhat with my 21-dayer, which includes 360 minutes of exercise per week.

Re BFL, I don't follow it as the book outlines ... it's just that my eating seems to be taking on a BFL quality. I do find that eating smaller meals more times a day and balancing protein and good quality carbs seems to make me feel much better than days when I don't do that and head for the pb cups. I think I need more protein and good quality fats than the nutritionists would have me believe but I have no intention of going low carb, as carbs (IMO and that of lots of folks) are a good and essential part of a healthy diet ... in fact, I also seem to be eating Zone-like meals. Sorry to go on about food. I should post this on the food thread. My eating is still not good but if you look at my menu for today (on the food thread), it's hands-over-fist better than it used to be and I am stuffed with much fewer calories.

Re the training side, what I really love about the BFL plan is the "peaks and valleys" thing with the intensity. I use this a lot, although I do lots more cardio than the original plan calls for.

Well, off to la-la land now. Starting to feel a bit rocky again. Have really had a bad sinus infection but it seems to be going away.[/color]
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