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Good news today from the job recruiter! She was told by the company to call off the search until after they have met with me. Apparently this is highly unusual and she thinks it is a good sign. I can tell you I'll be pretty bummed if I don't get the job after all this build-up. I looked up the software package this company uses and it is quite similar to the ERP system we are currently using at work. Everything in the universe is lined up for me to get this job, and I darn well better get it!

Amarantha, I think BFL is a wonderful program. Personally I can't do the 5-6 meals a day, and my gut doesn't handle all the protein needed on the plan. I have been thinking about doing the training side of it, though. If only we could ditch this winter and the desire to hibernate, I might actually get motivated to DO it. Maybe the Vernal Equinox challenge will help get me going. If you and Eydie get it started, I'll commit to posting every day.

Eydie, roses in beer bottles? That's really tacky.

wsw, how thoughtful that the volunteer organization sends a remembrance for Valentine's. It's nice that you and your volunteer have developed a bond and she feels she can talk with you. Absolutely rotten that she was dumped and on Valentine's, no less!

Hope all our s are well!
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