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Talking Yo!

I knew you would be thrilled, Eydie!

Yea, I think you are right to some extent ... I'm still haunted by the ghost of that friendship gone awry. But am knowing now how lucky I was that it did end because of how free I feel now to be myself, which somehow I was less of during the years I was a "loved like a sister" by that whole family ... except they "loved" someone they made up in their minds ... they did not even know who I was.

Isn't it a wonder how long this cr*p goes on bothering us?

I actually just saw your post on the "prayer" and your ritual of drinking a purifying cup of water each morning. My trainer would love this, as she saith I do not drink nearly enough water and that's true. I shall emulate thee and think of thee and of walking through sylvian forests in some peaceful spiritual clime somewhere with Artemis' celestial animals (or Old Dog and Silly Cat, whichever cometh to mind).

Am experimenting w/baking today ... posting results and recipes on the food thread and my menu for today. Elberta Crone be demanding more people to post food ideas on that thread. She's old and cranky, we must humor her!

Old Dog thinketh I be baking dog bones ... which be not a bad idea, actually.

Did laundry by hand and hung it up so now have no dry clothes (dryer hasn't worked for three years) to go out and buy new and sugary foods, so I have to eat healthily, I guess.

Ok, bye!!![/color]

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