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I'm thrilled, I think!

One more thing about Valentine's day stuff for sale. Garry and I saw an item that we'd never seen before. A supermarket floral section was selling single red roses with the baby's breath and all in empty beer bottles instead of vases. It's kind of haunting us. Was this a ploy to get women to buy flowers for men, that it would seem more masculine somehow to be presented a rose in a beer bottle? Something about it creeps us out. Not losing sleep over it or anything, just struck us as odd.

Amarantha, I wonder if your feeling hermit-ish comes from your ex-friend. I think I have a touch of that myself. I'm very suspicious of new friends and I've been exploring all that somewhat. I don't want my "ex" to continue to have so much power over me, that I know!

Lunch beckons.......