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Thanks for starting the thread, Empress! Hmmm, the next big thing.....Spring is coming. we could have a Vernal Equinox Challenge. It's less than a month away.

Kaylets, I'm sorry to hear of aunt's death and more sorry to think that she lived her whole lfe wondering if she was truly loved. Makes me ponder how suspicious I feel at times and just 'get over' all those crazy thoughts I have of not feeling worthy enough. After all, I'm a queen, right? You always make me think. Have you ever considered a career in counseling?

Wildfire, I meant to tell you that I understand about saying goodbye to your old faithful metal friend. That's always kind of clutched at me too!

wsw, I think young married couples are so darn cute I can't stand it!!! And yes, your friend was lucky to have you to call when she broke up with her boyfriend.

We were out in the world today and there seemed to be some really frantic energy in the shops we visited. All these people doing their last minute Valentine's day shopping. It was actually sort of ick-y. It made us wonder if V. Day had just become one more chore where some contrived romantic gesture was required. We talked to a cashier at the grocery store who said it had been so crazy-busy and she was exhausted. And I talked to a woman who was wistfully looking at the heart-shaped boxes who said she'd been waiting for her husband to buy one and she was just going to buy it herself----made me sad. I hope she didn't just go home and eat it all herself. It seemed that all she wanted was the gesture and the old fool [her husband] was standing right there and didn't make a move! I wish I could be God for a day and give everyone their hearts' desire! Within reason, of course, for the good of all and all that!

Wishing all of you your heart's desire......