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happy valentine's day, all! kaylets-i'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. amarantha-i hope you are feeling better a.s.a.p.! wildfire-congrats on your weight loss. hello anagram, eydie, ceara, and to all royal ones.

the organization which provides my (2)volunteers sends a red rose and valentine's cards every year, and did so once again this year. they have volunteers who go out to bring these to all their clients. the weather was very cold and rainy today but i got my delivery despite that-from a young couple whose anniversary is today and wanted to volunteer to do this. they were so cute--and young. i really appreciated it. speaking of volunteers. my volunteer called me early this evening crying and telling me her boyfriend dumped her TODAY. i felt so bad for her. i had just seen her on thursday and she had been very excited because her boyfriend had special valentine dinner plans for them and she was so happy. i felt honored that she called me when she needed support, and was grateful i could be there as a shoulder for her.

well, i wanted to say hi and thinking of all of you. take care.

all the best,
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