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Talking CCRRMM at home in the palace ...

Ok, Courtly Challengers, Regal Reducers and Merrie Maintainers, it's Valentine's day I'm taking the dang initiative to start a new thread and hope thou will not be mad!!!!

I'd like to ask the ly group WHAT'S OUR PLAN FOR THE NEXT BIG THING? Shall we do another exercise challenge after Mardi Gras? Shall we do some holiday challenges (it's almost time in the land, thou knowest) ...

Also wondering if we've lost some s ... hope not and if not, hope all the absent ones are ok, we know what's been happening with some but some are just gone and that's worryin' me buckos!

Here are this a.m.'s posts from previous thread:

From Eydie:

My first choice for the'musical instrument question was the harp. They always look so graceful and sound so serene, but that music doesn't really 'move' me for long. I'd love to know how to play the banjo---wow, how's that for a quantum leap?!

Wildfire, congrats on the loss!

I was sick yesterday--I don't know what happened. Just one of those things that came swooping in out of nowhere. Happened in the afternoon and I was weak and nauseous for the rest of the day. Last night I slept like a stone and now I feel fine. What was that?

Gotta go. Dear Garry is bound and determined to take me out for lunch today. And when we go anywhere it's a major expedition, since we live so far out from civilization. I'll report later.

Happy Day, friends!
"In every woman there is a queen, speak to the queen and the queen will answer."

From Kaylets:

Hello all!

Coming by very late as recvd word of a death in the family. Very elderly aunt who became widowed in September... in many ways,
a blessing to know she's not greiving anymore or in pain but still, this is hard news for our family.

Today's thought of the day:
"You can clutch the past so tightlyto your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present."
--Jan Glidewell

Question of the day :

"Will the world be a better place a hundred years from now?"
-- Table Topics-- The Pampered Chef

Anyone for a cup of tea?


From Amarantha:

Sorry to hear of thy relative's passing, K! Yes, that's hard news indeed, as age doth not make anyone less dear to us.

Eydie, that Questar lady be back on the food thread with another warning as WE KNOW WHAT THIS DAY IS!!! Questar hath announced Amarantha's no candy pledge for the day.

I'm still sick but worked a bit and will work out to meet my challenge.

If no one objects, I'M GOING TO START A NEW THREAD RIGHT NOW! Twenty-four pages is enough, dinna ye think, s! I'll put this a.m.s posties by K and E on the new thread, so if everyone would be kind and post there, I'd really be thankful and send you some virtual Valentine's candy!!! Hoping all s will start posting again on a regular basis now ... she saith wistfully ...

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