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CarolSue Just found you! I never thought to look for a new thread. THanks to Bobbi for starting it.

Slow Carb? This is a new one for me. I have found that I am doing better with limiting my carbs. Fresh fruit, at least 2 servings, are a must, but it is hard for me to limit it to just two. I eat only whole grains, but still have cut those back.

Sure hope that eye issue is solved quickly Sight is so important. I wouldn't wait a few days, please call the doctor.

Mary Smart move to get the 5 year service contract on your new washer. And you got the bonus of discount, free delivery and installation!!!

Gayle Go Fish . . . What would we do without this fun game. I carried a deck of cards in my purse for the kids, grandkids, etc most of my life. Still play solitaire.

Last 6 Angelonia planted this morning and 1/2 of back gardens watered well. DD came out with me when I was resting and we had a delightful time just talking while in the garden. Seems we never find time to really relax with one another, shall seek out more of those times.

DH took car to shop for oil change and state inspection. Hope we don't have to add a whole lot to the credit card after purchasing those 2 nice recliners earlier this week.
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