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Talking Sad...

Well...this is going to be pretty sad, but I too, am on a very very tight budget. I don't make tons of money and I have a lot of loans to pay off, but I feel as though I'm well nourished every day and have a lot of energy.

-Ramen Noodles ($2.00 at Walmart for 12 pack- good for 12 lunches!)
-Peanut butter ($3-$4 at most stores)
-Bread ($2 for a loaf at most stores)
-Rice ($10 for a decent sized bag that could last a month or so)
-Eggs ($3 for a dozen or so)
-Multi-Vitamin/Mineral ($60)

Total: $91 for about 3 weeks of food.

Now, the most I spend is on a mult-vitamin. I truly believe that a good mult-vitamin can help supplement that micronutrients we need. I don't really cook, and I'm very cheap. So I figured I can get my vitamins/minerals from my premiere vitamin, protein from eggs and peanut butter, and carbs from rice/ramen/bread.

Am I crazy or what? lol

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