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Welcome, Trazzie!

You reminded me of an interesting thing I discovered at the store yesterday. Carb Options! Don't waste your money on that stuff! Instead, read the lables of Carb Options products and compare it to "regular" items that are similar. What I've discovered is that they're selling you a label and that's it.

For example, Carb Options alfredo sauce is 2 grams per serving. Regular alfredo sauce is 3 grams per serving and costs at least a dollar less. Carb Options spaghetti sauce is 5 grams per serving. Other, normal, sauces have the same carb count (Essensia 4 cheese marinara, Classico spicy red pepper) and cost significantly less.

I'm betting it's the same with your salad dressing. Ranch normally has only 1-2 grams of carbs per serving. Same with blue cheese and italian.

My advice: Read your labels and save some money!

Those who have known me for a while also know I'm obsessive about reading labels on everything - not just what I plan on eating. I actually go wander the aisles of the grocery store and pick up random items and check the carb count. It's led me to some fun discoveries (did you know baby corn is low carb?) and arms me with enough information to make educated guesses as to the carb count of the items I eat in restaurants.

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