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Hi Everyone,
This is my first time posting here, tho I've been lurking and reading about you all for about a week now. I'll just jump right in since you all seem to be very kind and supportive people. A little back up is exactly what I need.

I started Atkins on the 21st of this month. 9 days counting. It's actully quite easier then I had thought it would be. I love meat so in that aspect I'm doing fine... vegi's on the other hand are something less desired.

Since I've began, I've stuck strickly to the guildlines of induction. No bread, no starchy things.. etc..Cut out my caffine.. YIKES that was scarey! The second and third day I was total walking zombie. I never realized what a caffine junkie I was until I took it away. For my cola cravings I've found Diet Rite.. not as tastey but it keeps me away from the Coke... Eating my salads.. which I had to gag down at first until a miracle happened and I discovered Carb Options Ranch Dressing. It's made it much more tollerable, I'm actully starting to enjoy my salad every evening. And for my coffee with french vanilla (high carb) creamer I've reluctantly switched to Bigalow flavored caffine free tea with splenda.

Where I'm lacking is I'm not actully counting my carbs. I'm confused about lettuce. Can anyone tell me exactly how many carbs are contained in say 1cup? Are there any good detailed carb counting books? I think one would surely help me out. As of now I'm just sort of guesstimating. I must be doing something right, the scale beast was kind to me this Wed. (my personal weigh in day) and showed 9 pounds lighter.

Anyway, A little about myself. I'm the working wife and mother of 3. I work in a resturant soooooo I'm constantly surrounded by temtations. The girls at work are very supportive of me and my "mission" however they are not the type to stop me should I get out of control. .. But so far so good! Even tonight when my family and I went out to eat at the buffet... I had a variety of meats and my salad (brought my dressing from home) I helped fix my girls their hot fudge sundaes and inhaled the aroma of all those pies and cakes.. but I didn't touch.. Yeah Me! I really need to break my arm patting myself on the back for that one.

I look foward to posting and getting involved on your challenges and making a few friends who have the same goal as me. Well enough jibber jabber from me, I know once I get started I could go on forever.

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