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Morning everyone!

I'm so excited because I decided to take a day off of work just to get some paperworky sort of affairs in order. I'm soooo behind on my paperwork for taxes and other household stuff so I'm making this the day I put a dent in it! I seem to be on an adrenaline high when it comes to my WOE this week. I feel so much more in control, and I honestly think that it's the Fitday. Those pie diagrams are just what the doctor ordered. It helped to see that my fat intake was waaaaaaayyyyyy too low on most days and how it directly correlated to my slowdown! I'll check in later, as soon as I find my 1098 forms!

Tummy: I know what you mean. I've always had to get up early for work, but now I'm finding that the brain fog actually clears way in advance of getting to work!

Angel: It's amazing what us moms will do in a crunch, heh? That jello cake is a winner!

Brenda: Take your vitamins, girl! Sounds like you have one busy schedule these days. Hey, maybe if you strap on some rollerblades it'll help you get from point A to point B on time..... Ta comes SUPERMOM!

Lori: Good to see you back. Maybe Brenda should send you those rollerblades when she's finished! :smirk:

Jane: I'm not much of a fan either, but when the Ravens play, watch out!

Shimma: Good thoughts going out to you today. Hope the surgery goes well. I, too, hate those post-observation conferences. But then, I also vomit waiting for the principal to come in for the observation. Then, something takes over and I kick it into high gear and always seem to do well. If only I taught that well EVERY day!! Now, go crush that exam!

Nutski: Stay warm and get well. Let someone else do your running for you and stay inside!
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